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The settlement at Dhaskalio (The sanctuary on Keros and the origins of Aegean ritual practice: the excavations of 2006–2008. Volume I)

The settlement at Dhaskalio (The sanctuary on Keros and the origins of Aegean ritual practice: the excavations of 2006–2008. Volume I)
  • City: Oxford/Oakville
  • Year: 2013
  • Publisher: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
  • Series: McDonald Institute Monographs
  • Description: Hardback, xxxii & 800 p., 570 figures, 16 colour plates, 92 tables, DVD, 28,6x21,8 cm
  • ISBN: 978-1-902937-64-9
  • Price: £80 (ca. €94)
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This is the first volume in the series "The Sanctuary on Keros: Excavations at Dhaskalio and Dhaskalio Kavos, 2006–2008". Here the findings are presented from the well-stratified settlement of Dhaskalio, today an islet near the Cycladic island of Keros, Greece. A series of radiocarbon dates situates the duration of the settlement from around 2750 to 2300 BC. The volume begins with a discussion of the geological setting of Keros and of sea-level change, concluding that Dhaskalio was, in the third millennium BC, linked to Keros by a narrow causeway. The excavation and finds (excluding the pottery, discussed in later volumes) are fully documented, with consideration of stratigraphy, geomorphology, organic remains, and the evidence for metallurgy. It is concluded that there was a small permanent population of around 20, increased periodically by up to 400 visitors who would have participated in the rituals of deposition occurring at the Sanctuary at Kavos, situated opposite, on Keros itself, for which the detailed evidence (including abundant fragmented pottery, marble vessels and sculptures) will be presented in Volumes II and III.


Contributors [x]
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Preface (Colin Renfrew, Olga Philaniotou, Neil Brodie, Giorgos Gavalas & Michael J. Boyd)
Acknowledgements [xxx]

Part A. Introduction: Location, Topography and Environment of the Sites

Chapter 1: Colin Renfrew, ‘Keros and the Development of the Project’ [3-18]

Chapter 2: John Dixon, ‘The Geological Setting of Keros in the Central Aegean’ [19-24]

Chapter 3: John Dixon & Tim Kinnaird, ‘The Geology of Kavos and Dhaskalio’ [25-44]

Chapter 4: John Dixon & Tim Kinnaird, ‘Sea-level Change and the Early Bronze Age Topography’ [45-55]

Chapter 5: Imogen Grundon, Bill Blake, Javier Naranjo-Santana, Joseph Severn, Victoria McGuinness, Christophe Gaston, Petros Patias, Olga Georgoula, Charalampos Georgiadis, Neil Brodie & Michael J. Boyd, ‘The Dhaskalio and Kavos Terrain: Topographic Survey, Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry’ [57-60]

Part B. The Settlement at Dhaskalio: the Excavation

Chapter 6: Colin Renfrew, Giorgos Gavalas & Peggy Sotirakopoulou, ‘The Development of the Excavation: Stratigraphy and Phasing’ [63-77]

Chapter 7: Christos Doumas, ‘The Dhaskalio Excavations of 1963’ [79-86]

Chapter 8: Elli Tzavella, ‘The Byzantine Chapel and its Finds’ [87-91]

Chapter 9: Colin Renfrew, Will Megarry, Giorgos Gavalas & Michael J. Boyd, ‘The Terrace Structure East of the Summit: Trenches I and II and XV’ [93-140]

Chapter 10: Colin Renfrew, Ioanna Moutafi & Michael J. Boyd, ‘The North Structure at the Summit (the Hall): Trenches VI, X, XLII, XXIV, XIV, XXXVI and XXX’ [141-188]

Chapter 11: Colin Renfrew, Michael J. Boyd & Giorgos Gavalas, ‘The Central Summit Area and the Summit Enclosure: Trenches XX, XXIII, XXV and XXXV’ [189-224]

Chapter 12: Colin Renfrew & Thomas Loughlin, ‘The South Summit Area: Trenches VII, XLI, XL, XXI and XXII’ [225-280]

Chapter 13: Colin Renfrew, Michael J. Boyd & Giorgos Gavalas, ‘The Remaining Lower Terraces: Trenches XVII, XVIII, XIII, III, IV and V’ [281-308]

Chapter 14: John Dixon, ‘The Petrology of the Walls’ [309-323]

Chapter 15: Sean Taylor & Charles French, ‘Micromorphological Analysis of the Occupation Deposits’ [325-340]

Chapter 16: Michael J. Boyd, ‘The Structure and Architecture of the Settlement’ [341-385]

Part C. The Organic Remains from Dhaskalio

Chapter 17: Evi Margaritis, ‘The Plant Remains: Foodstuffs, Fruit-tree Cultivation and Occupation Patterns at Dhaskalio’ [389-404]

Chapter 18: Lefteris Zorzos, ‘Phytolith Analysis: Microscopic Evidence for Plant Food Exploitation’ [405-415]

Chapter 19: Maria Ntinou, ‘Wood Charcoal: Vegetation and the Use of Timber at Dhaskalio’ [417-428]

Chapter 20: Katerina Trantalidou, ‘The Animal Bones: the Exploitation of Livestock’ [429-441]

Chapter 21: Lilian Karali, ‘The Shells: the Marine Palaeoenvironment and the Use of the Molluscan Remains’ [443-450]

Chapter 22: Ioanna Moutafi, ‘The Cremation Burial and Other Human Remains’ [451-462]

Part D. The Artefacts from Dhaskalio

Chapter 23: Jill Hilditch, ‘The Fabrics of the Ceramics at Dhaskalio’ [465-482]

Chapter 24: Colin Renfrew, ‘The Figurines from Dhaskalio’ [483-490]

Chapter 25: Judit Haas-Lebegyev & Colin Renfrew, ‘The Spools from Dhaskalio’ [491-504]

Chapter 26: Giorgos Gavalas, ‘The Marble Vessels from Dhaskalio’ [505-516]

Chapter 27: Gry Nymo, Colin Renfrew & John Dixon, ‘The Pebbles from Dhaskalio’ [517-530]

Chapter 28: Tristan Carter & Marina Milić, ‘The Chipped Stone Industry from Dhaskalio’ [531-556]

Chapter 29: Yorke Rowan, John Dixon & Robyn Dubicz, ‘The Ground Stone Assemblage from Dhaskalio’ [557-595]

Chapter 30: Michael J. Boyd & John Dixon, ‘The Stone Discs from Dhaskalio’ [597-644]

Chapter 31: The Other Finds from Dhaskalio [645-665]

A: Jane Renfrew, ‘The mat and vine leaf impressions’
B: Giorgos Gavalas, ‘Spindle whorls and related objects’
C: Marina Ugarković, ‘Worked sherds and ceramic discs’
D: Marina Ugarković & Yannis Maniatis, ‘The bone tubes’
E: Judit Haas-Lebegyev & Colin Renfrew, ‘Other finds of stone’

Chapter 32: Myrto Georgakopoulou, ‘Metal Artefacts and Metallurgy’ [667-692]

Part E. The Absolute Chronology and the Role of Dhaskalio

Chapter 33: Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Colin Renfrew & Michael J. Boyd, ‘The Radiocarbon Determinations’ [695-703]

Chapter 34: Colin Renfrew, ‘The Role of the Settlement at Dhaskalio: an Overview’ [705-721]

Appendix: Peggy Sotirakopoulou, ‘Pottery Tables for Dhaskalio: Introduction’ [725]

Greek summary [729]
References [743]
Index [769]
Colour Plates [783]


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