Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


The website of Aegeus is getting upgraded!

The website of Aegeus is currently being upgraded. The improved website will have new sections including the Journal of Aegeus, Aegean Studies as well as an image gallery where images from old books (where copyright has expired) will be presented. It will also be possible in the new website for members to have their own personal page where they can present their research. The most important new update will be the opportunity for all of you to express your opinion on all the news and archaeological matters presented on the website.

Operation Tax- an unfair Greek law

The Greek Government has recently imposed to our Society a new tax law, the so-called ‘operation tax’. According to the law 3986/2011 (article 31) the current government calls on all non-Profit organisations to contribute to a ‘operation tax’ of 300 euros for the current economic year and raised to up to 500 euros in the next economic year.

But what is really causing a harsh impression to our Committee is the fact that all organisations and societies of different statuses and ...


The new journal of Aegeus: Aegean Studies

Aegeus - Society of Aegean Prehistory is happy to invite you to submit papers for publication in its new journal, Aegean Studies.

Aegean Studies accepts papers which present new theoretical approaches and innovative means of data analysis with the aim of illuminating and explaining the Prehistory and Early Iron Age of the Aegean and its neighbouring areas.


A significant funding from the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

Aegeus - Society of Aegean Prehistory would like to thank the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation for kindly funding the Society with 4.000 Euros. The funding will be used towards the Society’s new project, aiming to create a digital collection of about 10,000 illustrations of prehistoric material from the Aegean. The illustrations come from old publications of well known archaeologists (e.g. H. Schliemann, Chr. Tsountas, A. Evans) and have no copyright.


New Fellows of Aegeus

The organizing team of Aegeus is growing! Aegeus is proud to welcome three new fellows: Anastasia Christophilopoulou, Ioanna Moutafi and Tatiana Theodoropoulou.

Subsequently, the core group of Aegeus will consist of 10 fellows.

Aegeus is pleased and grateful for the opportunity to share creativity, fresh ideas, passion, diversity, perseverance and enthusiasm!


Changes in the annual member fees of Aegeus

Due to the current economic crisis that Greek faces, it has been decided to proceed to certain changes in the annual member fees. Thus, from the 1st October onwards the fees are as follows:

Basic Aegeus membership is maintained at 40 Euros. Membership for unemployed archaeologists and students (from undergraduated to PhD candidates) is set at 25 Euros. Institution membership is reduced to 50 Euros.


A significant donation!

The new academic year has begun with a significant donation towards Aegeus! Ingo Pini and Walter Müller have donated over 15 volumes of the Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (CMS) to the library of Aegeus. Along with the existing volumes in the Aegean Library, Aegeus now has the complete CMS series.

Have a great Autumn!


Have a great summer!

Aegeus wishes you a happy, pleasant and archaeologically interesting summer. During the summer, our website will be updated sporadically as most of us will be taking part in excavations and other research projects.

See you in September!


Wanderings – a new section of Aegeus

Aegeus announces the launching of his new section entitled ‘Wanderings’. This section will serve as a platform where you can express ideas, impressions, views, thoughts and reflections stemming from your experiences as visitors of prehistoric archaeological sites, museums with permanent and/or temporary prehistoric collections and exhibitions, as well as prehistoric monuments that can be found dispersed either within urban landscape or throughout the countryside.


Aegeus’s event

Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory is honoured to invite you to his event that will take place on Friday the 20th of May 2011, at 7 pm at the Upper House of the British School of Athens.

Members entrance

We are happy to inform you that Aegeus has completed the first phase of his members entrance to their personal space. Personal codes have already been sent to all members. In case a member has not received an e-mail with the relevant codes, please contact the Society. Currently, members have access to two webpages. The first webpage contains a catalogue of the journals that Aegeus has subscribed to, as well as periodicals that are available online free of charge. The second webpage contains a catalogue of all Aegeus Newsletters.


1000 webpages!

In only a few months after its launch on the 25th of November 2010, the website of Aegeus has now more than 1000 webpages! More specifically, on the website we have presented 100 new books about Aegean and Cypriot prehistory, 200 articles and approximately 160 new book reviews. We have also posted 30 scholarships and 15 job vacancies. In the Lectures – Conferences section you will find information about all the lectures and conferences that have taken place or will take place in the near future around the world. The contribution of Aegeus members is very significant as some of them have already started to present their work.


The Institute of Classical Studies is now a member of Aegeus

It is our great honour and pleasure, that the Institute of Classical Studies of the University of London is a member of Aegeus since the 20th of January 2011. The renowned foundation with its substantial and consistent contribution to Aegean prehistoric research and in particular Mycenaean archaeology, is the first institution to become a member of Aegeus. Moreover, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Institute of Classical Studies for donating 150 Euros towards the activities of the Society, as well as to Professor Olga Krzyszkowska for supporting and believing in the work of Aegeus.

Newsletter on Aegean and Cypriot Prehistory

Our Newsletter on Aegean and Cypriot Prehistory is currently received by over 700 people, including Ephorates, Archaeological Schools, libraries, etc. Thus far, 18 issues have been sent. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis, the expenses of this effort have been covered solely by membership fees despite our repeated efforts to acquire funding. As a token of our appreciation for the ongoing support of our members and starting from February 2011, the Newsletter will be sent only to members. The rest of the friends of Aegeus on the mailing list will receive a simplified Aegeus E-mail Update.