Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Operation Tax- an unfair Greek law

The Greek Government has recently imposed to our Society a new tax law, the so-called ‘operation tax’. According to the law 3986/2011 (article 31) the current government calls on all non-Profit organisations to contribute to a ‘operation tax’ of 300 euros for the current economic year and raised to up to 500 euros in the next economic year.

But what is really causing a harsh impression to our Committee is the fact that all organisations and societies of different statuses and values are called to pay the exact same amount without their annual profits and incomes taken to consideration. As a result of which non-profit organisations will pay the same amount with organisations of considerable annual income and profits. Undoubtedly a number of non-profit organisations will be forced to cease their activities or even declare bankruptcy.

Aegeus would like to declare that up to day has not received any kind of state contribution or  does  not  have  any other income from profit-related companies  and is therefore only sustained by the contributions of his members as well as the generous donations of his Committee members towards the scopes and actions of the Society. Moreover, certain research activities of Aegeus have been funded entirely by non-state charities and organisations. Unfortunately, Aegeus was born in the midst of the current Greek economic crisis. Nonetheless, during his three years of operation has achieved to contribute to the academic and research community of Aegean Prehistory and related studies with minimal funding.  We believe that the use of his few economic resources for increasing tax contributions, when they were destined for research activities, is unfair.

However, we are confident that such unfair government decisions will not manage to cease our operations and that we will continue to support the dissemination of knowledge in the field of Aegean Prehistory and related studies, as well as to contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage, particularly during those challenging times.


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