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Withdrawal of the conference proceedings “Archaeology and Heinrich Schliemann”

Dear members and friends,

Aegeus is sorry to announce the withdrawal of the conference proceedings “Archaeology and Heinrich Schliemann” from its website. Regarding this matter, we would like to inform you the following:

Aegeus is particularly sensivite to matters of intellectual property and plagiarism. For any article or post presentation on the Aegeus website, verbal or written consent is always sought from the author(s)/editor(s).

With the specific Proceedings, Aegeus was given verbal consent by all co-editors in order to proceed to the online publication. Subsequently, Prof. Korres, for personal reasons that he never addressed directly to Aegeus Society, requested the withdrawal of this online publication.

In order to avoid such incidents in the future, from now on Aegeus will request written consent from all relevant parties before any online publication.

The team of Aegeus- Society for Aegean Prehistory


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