Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Renewal of subscriptions and optional reduction of membership fees

Dear Members of Aegeus,

In these extremely difficult financial times, Aegeus is striving to continue its efforts to promote Aegean Prehistory; the research as well as the protection of our cultural heritage. The difficulties and problems we face make the need even stronger for a channel of communication, and for cooperation in order to jointly defend our goals. The work of Aegeus, up to date, has been made possible solely thanks to the material and moral support of its members; and it is only thanks to this support that we may continue to grow.

The membership fees are the only stable income of the society, and the only means of support of the key actions of Aegeus (e.g., maintenance and updating of the website, edition of the newsletter), and of enabling the start of new operations (e.g. Aegean Studies, Book Reviews). In a few days the financial statement for 2011 will be posted on our website, where everyone can access the details of the society’s financial transactions over the past year, but also the level of financial responsibilities that need to be covered by subscriptions and donations in the current year.

Aegeus can continue to exist only with the trust, mutual respect and solidarity among its members. Within the conditions of the current financial crisis, we believe it is fitting to allow a reduction of membership fees to our members who are faced with substantial financial problems, as they wish to remain active members of Aegeus. Recently, we reduced the annual membership fee for student members and unemployed archaeologists to 25 euros. In addition to this, we now are offering the option of a further temporary reduction of the basic membership fees.

Therefore, for 2012 and 2013, annual subscriptions are as follows:

Institutions: 50 Euros (remains unchanged)
Basic member subscription: 40 € EUR (reduced 30 €)
Students / Unemployed members: 25 € (reduced 20 €).

We encourage all our members who wish to remain active in Aegeus but have difficulty in meeting their membership fees to use the reduced rates of 30€ and 20€, respectively. The same option is offered to those who wish to enroll as new members.

To continue our common efforts, in Aegeus we are all together.


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