Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Maria Kosma’s lecture

We would like to thank Maria Kosma for her excellent lecture on the recent discovery of Early Helladic Tombs at Nea Styra, Euboea. We wish her the best of luck with the ongoing research of the area and the publication of the findings. We would also like to thank the large number of members and friends who attended the lecture.

Our evening ended with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in Koukaki, where many of us enjoyed the company of the doyen of Cycladic archeology Professor Colin Renfrew and his wife Dr. Jane Renfrew, a pioneer of archaeobotanical studies in Aegean Prehistory.


Παρακαλούμε τα σχόλιά σας να είναι στα Ελληνικά (πάντα με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες) ή στα Αγγλικά. Αποφύγετε τα κεφαλαία γράμματα. Ο Αιγεύς διατηρεί το δικαίωμα να διαγράφει εκτός θέματος, προσβλητικά, ανώνυμα σχόλια ή κείμενα σε greeklish.