Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Five years of Aegeus

This March Aegeus reaches its fifth birthday, and is celebrating with new activities!

1) We are very happy to announce the publication of the first article of our journal, Aegean Studies, by Iro Mathioudaki, ‘Shifting boundaries: The transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age in the Aegean under a new light’.

At the present the article is published in an electronic form (html), while the official template of Aegean Studies will be available after the updating of the website.

Aegean Studies publishes peer reviewed articles in Greek and English. The articles are first published on the Aegeus web site, and grouped in a printed version after the collation of 5-6 articles, in which the Aegean Book Reviews will also be published. More information can be found on our website

The second article of Aegean Studies, ‘The Sea Peoples, Egypt, and the Aegean: Transference of Maritime Technology in the Late Bronze-Early Iron Transition (LH IIIB–C)’, by Jeffrey P. Emanuel, Harvard University, will follow shortly.

2) A new activity for members involving organised visits to prehistoric sites will also be initiated shortly. We will send you more information in due course.

3) The Aegeus web site will be further updated in the following months.


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