Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Greetings and results of the fundraising raffle

Dear members and friends,

We would like to thank you all for coming to our Annual Meeting. We would also like to thank cordially our speaker Prof. Michael Cosmopoulos for his excellent lecture.


Results of the fundraising raffle:

1st prize: 4 nights stay for 2 people at the luxury hotel VOREINA GALLERY SUITES, including breakfast and a private pool in the traditional settlement of Pyrgos in Santorini (valued at 1500 Euros, with an open invitation for one year): 778, Vasilis Petrakis

2nd prize: A bowl from the ceramics atelier N. Bardaxi (Rethymnon): 637, John Bennet

3rd prize: Several gifts from the Society for the Promotion of Studies on Prehistoric Thera (including a silver jewel): 528, Gavin McGuire

4th prize: Cosmetic series for men from the company KORRES ( 315, Irini Gratsia

5th prize: A private guided tour of the new temporary exhibitions at the National Archaeological Museum: “Hadrian and Athens” and “Countless Aspects of Beauty” by the Curator of the Museum Dr Kostas Paschalidis (until the end of 2018): 713, Michael Loy

6th prize: Sun cream products Frezyderm from the Pharmacy N. St. Maragoudakis: 707, Eleni Drakaki

7th prize: 4 bottles of wine from the Greek Wine Cellars ( 291, Tasos Tsirkinidis

8th prize: The book: A.-L. Schallin & I. Tournavitou (eds), Mycenaeans up to Date: The Archaeology of the North-Eastern Peloponnese-Current Concepts and New Directions (Stockholm 2015): 326, Natalia Vogeikof

9th prize: The book: A. Economou & V. Florou, Αντίδωρο στην Άννα Αποστολάκι. Η ζωή, το έργο και η συνεισφορά της (Athens 2017):  298, Eleni Paliologou

10th prize: Several gifts from the Non Profit Organization MONUMENTA ( 328, Prodromos Ioannidis

11th prize: 1 Aegeus t-shirt and 1 Aegeus notebook: 649, Despoina Chatzi-Vallianou

12th prize: 1 Aegeus t-shirt and 1 Aegeus notebook: 421, Bryan Burns

13th prize: 1 Aegeus t-shirt and 1 Aegeus thermos-cup: 121, Despoina Georgiadou

14th prize: 1 Aegeus t-shirt and 1 Aegeus thermos-cup: 121, Dimitri Nakassis

15th prize: 1 Aegeus t-shirt and 1 Aegeus thermos-cup: 386, Anna Moles


With best wishes,
Aegeus Team


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