Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


New Perspectives on Settlement Patterns in the Bronze Age Cyclades: A View from the Margins

Country & City: USA, New York
Venue: Online
Date & Time: 26/02/2024, 12:00

Speaker(s): Alex Knodell (Department of Classics, Carleton College)

This talk will present new evidence for Bronze Age settlement and land use,
collected by the Small Cycladic Islands Project (SCIP). Since 2019, SCIP has carried out systematic intensive surveys of 68 small, currently uninhabited islands throughout the Cyclades. Some of the most exciting results of the project pertain to prehistory, including new settlements and other sites from all phases of the Bronze Age. Together, these results from long-forgotten places, usually considered marginal, lead us to rethink systems of settlement and connectivity across the archipelago as a whole.