Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


The Tombs of Enkomi (British Museum excavations)

Country & City: Cyprus, Nicosia
Venue: Castelliotissa Hall (Paphos Gate area)
Date & Time: 2010/12/11, 09:30 - , 16:45


9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-9.45 Address by the Director of the Department of Antiquities


9.45-10.00 D. Pilides (Curator of Antiquities, Department of Antiquities, Cyprus), ‘Introduction to the Enkomi Project’

10.00-10.25 T. Kiely (British Museum, UK), ‘Poachers turned gamekeepers? The British Museum archaeological agents in Cyprus in the 1890s’

10.25-10.50 D. Pilides (Curator of Antiquities, Department of Antiquities, Cyprus), ‘The Cypriot Pottery from the tombs of Enkomi’

10.50-11.15 P. Mountjoy (British School at Athens), ‘Enkomi “Old Tombs” and the missing LHIIIC early phase’

11.15-11.40 A. Papadopoulos (Department of Antiquities, Cyprus), ‘Exceptional objects from old excavations. The case of Aegean artefacts at Enkomi (1896 excavations)’

11.40-12.15 Coffee break


12.15-12.40 N. Hirschfeld (University of San Antonio, USA), ‘Further consideration of the marked pottery found in the Enkomi British Tombs’

12.40-13.05 R. and H. Merrillees (Paris), ‘The cylinder and stamp seals from the British Museum excavations in the old collection of the Cyprus Museum’

13.05-13.30 H. Crossman (University of Reading, UK), ‘Contextual analysis of economic and social networks. The circulation of Bronze Age soft stone artifacts in Bahrain (Qala’ at al-Bahrain and Saar) and Cyprus (Enkomi and Maroni)’

13.30-15.00 Lunch


15.00-15.25 L. Crewe (University of Manchester, UK), ‘Making space for the living and the dead at Enkomi’

15.25-15.50 Anthi Kaldelis (University of Cyprus and Open University of Cyprus), ‘Accomplishing the Objectives of the project: The methodological framework’

15.50-16.15 E. Gubel (Musées Royaux d’Art et Histoire, Brussels, Belgium), ‘Enkomi, Cyprus and Brussels, Belgium: The Cypriote Collection of the Royal museum of Art and History’

16. 15- 16.45 General discussion