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17th International Aegean Conference. Μνήμη / Mneme Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age

Udine and Venice, 17-21 April 2018

Deadline: 30 April 2017

Several studies have been recently devoted to the perception of and confrontation with the past in ancient societies as well as to the manifold practices of memory including memorializing and memory keeping. Scholars have focused on the important function of social memory for the construction of collective identities including ethnicity. Construction, re-use and manipulation of the past have been identified in several contexts as ideological strategies favouring cultural continuity. On the one hand, well-defined chronological limits have been reconsidered following the evidence of long-term dynamics based on the reproduction of relevant social practices through space and time. On the other hand, phenomena of cultural discontinuity and innovation have also resulted in being profoundly connected to the approach that ancient communities had toward their past, which they variously expressed in monumental architecture, funerary layout, iconographic and stylistic traditions and social practices in both ceremonial and domestic contexts. Furthermore, fragmentation, sacrifice or storage of material culture and economic resources - phenomena relevant to different systems of political economy - are in turn strongly connected to the practice of memory, with an impact on the cultural landscape including settlement as well as funerary domains.

The 17th International Aegean Conference / Rencontre égéenne internationale intends to provide a forum for exchanging ideas about the use/s and appropriation of the past and the role of social memory in the Aegean Bronze Age. Attention will be paid also to the re-use of the Aegean past in the 19th-20th centuries as well as to politics of preservation of the cultural heritage. Papers dealing with the archaeological record and contexts and presenting recent archaeological research and/or new interpretations of older data are particularly welcome.

The conference will concentrate especially on the following themes:

1.  Uses of the past: perception and manipulation of the past; construction of memory through ideology:
- Social and ideological strategy of legitimation and promotion of memories (art and    monuments; social practices; politics; landscape);
- Heirloom, antiques.

2. The Past present: modes and dynamics of transmission of the past:
- Tradition vs innovation;
- Continuity vs discontinuity (population dynamics, settlement patterns, site occupation, site formation processes)

3.   Preservation of the past:
- Archives and archival strategies in the past
- Politics of preservation of cultural heritage
- Modern approaches to the past and the making of Aegean Archaeology
- Re-use of the past in legitimating modern politics and theories.

In order to save sufficient time for discussion the number of oral presentations will be limited to 55. Proposals for papers are to be submitted before 30 April 2017, including a substantial abstract (300-500 words). The organizing committee will then make its selection. Proposals considered insufficiently close to the theme may be accepted as poster presentations and incorporated in the publication of the proceedings in the series Aegaeum, Annales liégeoises d’archéologie égéenne. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding the necessary limitation of papers: the temporal frame of the four day conference cannot be exceeded.

Please fill and return the attached form to the secretariat of the Rencontre at the address The 2nd circular will be sent in July/August 2017, including a provisional programme as well as further information on the conferences in Udine and Venice.

We look forward to welcoming you in Udine and Venice in April 2018.

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