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3rd International Interdisciplinary Colloquium. The Periphery of the Mycenaean World. Recent discoveries and research results

Lamia, May 2018

Deadline: 30 June 2017

The topics of the Colloquium include all recent residential and burial finds, as well as new conclusions of archaeological research, related to the character and identity of the geographical areas of the Greek mainland and islands outside the major Mycenaean centers. Furthermore, interactive relations between regional sites and Palatial centres are of special interest, as palaces represent the core of social and economic life during the palatial period.

Further research issues, for a fruitful dialogue between scientists engaged with the Mycenaean period, include the character of "provincial" Mycenaean society in the continental and insular territories of the Mycenaean world. In addition, the trade routes and all kinds of exchanges, either objects or ideas, between the centres and the periphery, but even between the periphery and lands outside the Greek region fall within the subjects of the Colloquium.

We are very interested in papers presenting recent archaeological research and special finds of the period under discussion from areas outside Greece, such as the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean.

In order to save sufficient time for discussion, the total number of presentations included in the Colloquium will not exceed 55 to 60. Titles of papers are to be submitted by June 2017, including an abstract up to a page in length. A special scientific committee will select the papers which will be presented to the Colloquium. Proposals considered as not entirely relevant to the topics of the Colloquium may be accepted as poster presentations and will be incorporated in the publication of the proceedings.

We kindly ask for your understanding as to the necessary limitation of papers, because the duration of the Colloquium cannot exceed four days.
Please fill and return the attached participation form to the Colloquium Secretariat at the following e-mail address:

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Lamia, in May of 2018.

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