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Take advantage of our new initiative to digitise books and articles!


Aegeus - Society for Aegean Prehistory, the University Library of Heidelberg, the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Heidelberg and Propylaeum (Virtual Library of Classical Studies) are pleased to announce the beginning of a very important partnership. This collaboration aims to help researchers of Aegean prehistoric archaeology to search for books that are very hard to find in local libraries. Books no longer subject to copyright law (i.e. those whose authors have passed away at least 70 years ago) and relevant to the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean and Cyprus will be digitised and posted online.

The University Library of Heidelberg, which was founded in the late 14th century and is one of the oldest and richest libraries in the world, has an online catalogue that already includes over 100 digitised monographs in the area of Aegean archaeology. The digitisation of these books is being undertaken by the Propylaeum project, which aims to expand the current list, having the ability to digitise in a short time almost any old book found in German libraries.

Members of Aegeus, who are unable to find old books, can send the title they are looking for via email to the Society. Then, the Library of the University of Heidelberg and the Institute of Archaeology of Heidelberg, under the supervision of Prof. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos, will aim to digitise the books within 15 days. The digitised books will be posted on the website of the University Library of Heidelberg and thus be made accessible to all. Aegeus will then inform the interested members, referring to the links of the respective books.

Along with the digitisation of books, members of Aegeus will have the opportunity to request articles published in both recent and older journals. If an article is not included in Aegeus’ digital library or if it cannot be located by any of Aegeus’ members, the relevant material will be digitised by the Institute of Classical Archaeology of Heidelberg within a week. The digital articles will be then sent to the members of Aegeus in PDF format via email.

We are all convinced that this partnership will contribute significantly to the creation of fruitful communication networks among scholars of Aegean Prehistory worldwide. We invite you to make frequent use of the service, and we welcome any proposals to improve the exchange and dissemination of knowledge among members of the Aegean prehistoric community.


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