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12 April 2016

A new group of figures and rare figurines from a Mycenaean workshop installation at Kontopigado, Alimos (Athens)

Eleftheria Kardamaki Athenische Mitteilungen 127/128 (2012/2013) [2015]: 47-90


Recent excavations in Kontopigado, Alimos, 5 km south of the Acropolis of Athens have brought to light remains of an extensive Mycenaean installation of still unknown use. During the use and after the abandonment of the site in the earliest stages of LH III C Early, several wells located near or within this installation were filled with huge quantities of material. Among the finds from the fills the fragments of unique or very rare figurine types and figures deserve special attention. Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures represent objects that are primarily connected with official cult activities, and their presence would suggest the existence of one or more cult places in the direct vicinity of the installation. The new finds once more stress the close connection between workshops and cult, providing new evidence for the socio-political organisation of Attica during that period.


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