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15 February 2010

A Reappraisal of the dendrochronology and dating of Tille Höyük (1993)

Carol B. Griggs & Sturt W. Manning Radiocarbon 51.2 (September 2009): 711-720.


The results of a tentative oak tree-ring chronology built from charcoal samples found in Late Bronze to early Iron Age contexts (late 2nd to early 1st millennium BC) at the site of Tille Höyük in southeast Turkey, and its placement in time, was published in 1993 (Summers 1993). This represented one of the few publications about archaeological dendrochronology for this period and region. However, the dendrochronological sequence and its crossdating have been questioned, including in this journal (Keenan 2002). Here, we critically reassess and revise the dendrochronological positioning of the site’s building phases and their place in time by absolutely dating 7 decadal tree-ring sequences via radiocarbon wiggle-matching.


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