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1 December 2016

An overview of the Late Helladic IIIC period in Anatolia

Bariş Gür Talanta XLVI-XLVII (2014-2015): 7-26


When we look into western Anatolia in the LH IIIC period, an increase in Mycenaean pottery is observed in comparison with the preceding periods along the coast in settlements like Panaztepe, Liman Tepe, Bademgediği Tepe, Kadıkalesi, Miletos, and Cine-Tepecik. In this article, I argue that the relative increase in Mycenaean artifacts on the Anatolian west coast relates to Mycenaean immigrants, rather than merchants making use of the political gap in western Anatolia. The distribution pattern of Mycenaean artifacts on the Anatolian west coast was, however, not uniform, and various sites and regions, most notably Troy, experienced an influx of Balkan influence, whilst Mycenaean cultural influence apparently dwindled.



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