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1 November 2018

“Apparire” o “essere”? Questioni di status nella Creta palaziale

Dario Puglisi In F. Longo, R. di Cesare & S. Privitera (eds) 2016. ΔΡΟΜΟΙ. Studi sul mondo antico offerti a Emanuele Greco dagli allievi della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, Atene-Paestum: 669-680.

This article deals with the problem of the relationship between the outward appearance (i.e., clothing and hairstyle) of individuals and status and power in Minoan palatial Crete. Earlier studies have showed that Minoan iconography placed special emphasis on the connection of attire and hairstyle with the age of individuals. The article argues that this emphasis was due to the key role that corporative groups structured on an age basis played in social life and the management of political power in palatial Crete.


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