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2 August 2016

Associating residues and wear traces as indicators of hafting methods: Α view from the chipped stone industries from the island of Gavdos, Crete

Εleni Chriazomenou, Christina Papoulia & Katerina Kopaka In J. Marreiros, N. Bicho, J.F. Gibaja (eds), International Conference on Use-Wear Analysis. Use-Wear 2012 (Cambridge 2014): 714-726


Macroscopic and microscopic analysis of a sample of flint and obsidian artefacts from an excavated area with LN/FN/EB finds on the island of Gavdos has revealed use-wear traces and organic residues, very possibly of the hafting arrangement, on a black flint tool which appears to be the hafted element of a sickle. Here, the lithic assemblage is briefly presented, within its contexts, and preliminary results of the microscopic and chemical analysis of the organic residues are provided. Finally, an effort is made to discern the correlation of direct indications of hafting methods and wear traces, while reconstructing the life history of the artefact.



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