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1 November 2018

Continuità e transizione del potere nella Messarà a Creta durante il Medio Minoico III (ca. 1750-1670 a.C.)

Luca Girella In F. Longo, R. di Cesare & S. Privitera (eds) 2016. ΔΡΟΜΟΙ. Studi sul mondo antico offerti a Emanuele Greco dagli allievi della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, Atene-Paestum: 73-88.

This paper examines the situation of the Messara plain in south-central Crete during the Middle Minoan III, with a specific focus on manifestations of power and their spatial projections. The period following the major earthquake datable to MM IIB saw a slow and complex negotiation of power between the palatial center of Phaistos and its nearby sites of Kommos and Hagia Triada; this process spanned several generations, with different scenarios between MM IIIA and MM IIIB. The paper also analyzes differences between the southern and northern parts of Crete.


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