Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


5 December 2016

Cutting-edge technology and knowhow of Minoans/Myceneans during LBA and possible implications for the dating of the Trojan war

Konstantinos Giannakos Talanta XLVI-XLVII (2014-2015): 51-79


In the present paper, the material evidence, in LBA, both for the technological level of Minoan/Mycenaean Greece, mainland-islands-Crete, and the image emerging from the archaeological finds of the wider area of Asia Minor, Land of Ḫatti, Cyprus, and Egypt, are combined in order to draw conclusions regarding international relations and exchanges. This period of on the one hand prosperity with conspicuous consumption and military expansion, on the other hand as well of decline and degradation of power are considered in relation with the ability of performing overseas raids of Mycenaean Greeks. The finds of the destructions’ layers in Troy VI/VIIa are examined in order to verify whether one of these layers is compatible to the Trojan War, while an earlier dating is proposed. The results are compared with the narrative of ancient literature in order to trace compatibilities or inconsistencies to the archaeological finds.



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