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13 April 2012

Cypro-Minoan in Philistia?

Brent Davis Kubaba 2 (2011): 40-74.


In this paper, claims that Cypro-Minoan inscriptions have been found in Philistia are discussed and evaluated. First, an overview of Cypro-Minoan is presented, including discussions of Masson’s division of the script into four varieties, the evidence for her divisions, the reasons for the scarceness of Cypro-Minoan clay documents, and the purposes for which the script was apparently used. The special problems posed by Cypro-Minoan paleography are then reviewed, and it is shown that the absence of a definitive Cypro-Minoan corpus, the lack of a comprehensive paleographic study of the script (or even a universally-accepted sign list), and the smallness and simplicity of the repertoire of known pre-alphabetic signs from early Philistia, all combine to make any demonstration of direct relatedness between Philistine pre-alphabetic writing and Cypro-Minoan quite problematic at this time.

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