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1 February 2018

Die Beziehungen zwischen den Kykladen und Kreta am Beginn der spätminoischen Zeit

Maria Argyrou-Brand Prähistorische Zeitschrift 89.1 (2014): 116-132

In this article the previously common theses in the archaeological research on the nature of the relations between Crete and the cycladic islands are presented through the evidence of archaeological finds. Their significance in relation to the cultural and historical development in the aegean area in the LM IA time is being illuminated. An approach to the problematic of the relations between Crete and Cyclades and more specifically Akrotiri on Thera succeeds by presenting different research areas of the aegean archaeology as well as by their positioning with respect to the relevant questions. Current archaeological contexts in the aegean settlements allow thereby the observation of a common economical space in the Aegean during LM IA. Further similar population’s modes of behavior in the Aegean are described and the transactions and interactions of varying intensity within the Aegean are defined. Assuming a high mobility among the population the characteristica of the minoan influence are precised more clearly.


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