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19 October 2013

Farmers and fishermen “by the fair-flowing lake of Boebe” (in Greek)

Βασιλική Αδρύμη-Σισμάνη Ανάσκαμμα 6 (2013): 49-62.


Lake Karla (Boibeis), located at the southeastern end of the Thessalian plain, is often mentioned by ancient authors and poets, throughout the centuries, due to its constantly changing environmental conditions, resulting from long-term geological changes. In 1962 the lake was drained, leading to the unearthing of an impressive number of archaeological sites, dating from the Early Neolithic to the late Hellenistic Period. This paper focuses on the preliminary presentation of two prehistoric settlements, revealed during the construction of modern water collectors, aiming at the refilling of 1/3 of the original lake with water. At the first site, located at Thermokepia, the uncovering of a Middle Neolithic building with stone foundations and impressive remains of vertical wooden elements on the walls, partly encircled by a stone wall at its north, as well as sporadic finds of other contemporary buildings and structures (such as storage cases), coupled with pottery, ground and chipped stone tools and bioarchaeological remains, is indicative of a differentiated organization of living space, dictated either from natural causes, such as the flooding of the lake, or emerging social changes. The second excavated site, at Koryfoula, comprises of buildings with stone foundations and mud-brick walls, as well as areas of domestic activities, including hearths, storage cases, etc., dating to the Late and Final Neolithic. Apart from briefly presenting these two settlements, this paper attempts to illustrate the diachronic importance of Lake Karla for the development of human communities, as this is attested by constant human presence in the area, and also point towards the necessity for future archaeological research.

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