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31 May 2011

Federico Halbherr and Knossos

Catherine Morgan Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente LXXXVII (2009) [2010]: 43-67.


The article examines the political and scientific importance of Federico Halbherr’s excavation at Knossos in October-November 1885. It is one of his first excavation, just a year after his arrival in Crete. His excavation that is often overlooked in the history of research at Knossos, lasted 10 days, during which Halbherr revealed significant Roman and Christian walls, parts of at least one peristyle domus, a mosaic with the representation of the four seasons, a basilica and a church. Following the archaeological reports, currently stored at the Italian Archaeological School at Athens, Halbherr’s discoveries are reassessed in the light of our present knowledge of the Roman and early Christian city.


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