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6 December 2017

Final Neolithic Crete and the southeast Aegean: supplement 1

Krzysztof Nowicki Aegean Archaeology 11 (2011-2012) [2015]: 7-34

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This work is the first in a series of articles intended as supplements to the book entitled “Final Neolithic Crete and the Southeast Aegean”, published in 2014. Although the book was released only a year ago, it represents the state of research of early 2013, and in the meantime some new data have come to light which are relevant to the analysis of the transition between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age in the south Aegean. Additionally, I have realised that some elements of material culture, in particular pottery and stone tools, require more detailed presentation and richer illustration than so far possible. My book was focused on the topography of individual sites, settlement development, the role of landscape in settlement patterns and new territorial organization of the island, and the processes which were behind the dramatic changes of settlement location during the fourth millennium BC. This analysis was complemented by the publication of basic surface evidence (essential for reliable dating), but due to space restrictions the pottery and stone tools were illustrated in the book in the form of drawings only. However, a more detailed photographic presentation is needed to support some of the proposed hypothesis, and to allow other colleagues to develop their opinions on the interpretation of this material.


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