Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


6 October 2012

Geophysical Survey as an Aid to Excavation at Mitrou: A Preliminary Report

Gregory N. Tsokas, Aleydis Van de Moortel, Panayiotis I. Tsourlos, Alexandros Stampolidis, George Vargemezis & Eleni Zahou Hesperia 81:3 (2012): 383-432.


Various geophysical methods were used to explore the subsurface of the prehistoric site of Mitrou. Geophysical research was essential for selecting significant areas for excavation as well as for guiding archaeological fieldwork and complementing its results. Resistivity mapping and differential magnetometry detected patterns of well-structured anomalies, suggesting that a regularly laid-out urban complex covered most of the site; electrical resistivity tomographies yielded three-dimensional views of buried structures and indicated promising areas for further exploration. Subsequent excavation uncovered the targeted parts of this complex. The results of this combined research provide new information about crucial periods of change in Greek prehistory.


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