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1 February 2019

Η έρευνα στη Μαυροπηγή και στο φράγμα Ιλαρίωνα κατά το 2012

Georgia Karamitrou-Mentesssidi In P. Adam-Veleni & Κ. Tzanavari (eds) 2017. Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στην Θράκη 26, 2012, Thessaloniki: 47-90.

In 2012, despite having been dismissed, acquiring stand-by status, I was called by the Ministry of Culture to conclude the large rescue excavations in lignite mines and a dam construction by DEI Ltd.

Mavropigi: Three excavation sectors were investigated along with research in fields at Mikro Livadi, Dasos, Ambelotopos, Kouri and Varkaris. The research was rather extensive. However, due to the proliferation of the ground cracks from the mine’s extraction works and the subsequent threat of ground collapse, DEI ordered interventions with mining machines and blasting in an area of tens of acres without prior excavations.

Research on the Ilarion dam (Haliakmon): The new hydroelectric station with a dam construction from Aiane towards the Grevena Prefecture was designed as an extension to the Polyphytos dam, which first operated in 1974. In a total area of 21,900 acres, we investigated 883,216 sq.m. with trial trenches and grid excavations, discovered that archaeological traces extend at an area of 503,815 sq.m. and revealed approximately 100 acres of archaeological remains (including the Elati excavations, at the site of Longas).

Elati, Longas site excavations: The very extensive archaeological site developed at an area of 455 acres, on the riverside area of Elati and the alluvian basin of the Longas site with its natural advantages, the abundance of water, the fauna, the fish fauna, and flora, on both the fields near the riverbank and the gentle elevations towards the nearby hills (Sector A) and on the area over those hills (Sector B). Because of the threat of flooding and total destruction, we revisited the earlier trenches, in order to reach more comprehensive conclusions, again only selectively investigated due to lack of sufficient time. We spent in total 18 months and 11 days of work on both sectors and all antiquities of the Longas site and excavated 17,875 sq.m. in total over 455 acres. We went back to the Bronze Age buildings on the eastern elevated plateau of Sector A, and excavated 8,400 sq.m. of Hellenistic houses (A1 and B1, 975 and 150 sq. m. respectively) to the west of the basin and on Sector B, in order to complete the plan of six houses.


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