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1 April 2018

Η Ίκλαινα και η γένεση του μυκηναϊκού κράτους της Πύλου

Michael B. Cosmopoulos Themes in Archaeology 1.2 (2017): 166-175

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Current theory suggests that the formation of Mycenaean states was the result of the process of incorporation of regional centers of power by the powerful palatial centers. The mechanisms that led to these processes are, however, largely unknown, as the bulk of the evidence comes from the palaces and there is a dearth of systematic excavations of second-order centers. This gap is filled by the excavation conducted by the Athens Archaeological Society at Iklaina, one of the district capitals of the Mycenaean state of Pylos. The excavation illuminates previously unknown aspects of the history of regional centers of power and their relationship with the primary centers.


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