Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


10 October 2016

Imagi(ni)ng ‘the palace of Minos’: a view from the architectural drawings

Giorgos Sofianos Chronica 5 (2015): 9-20


This paper examines the architectural drawings of ‘The Palace of Minos’, the final publication of Knossos’ excavations conducted by Sir Arthur Evans. The main aim is to investigate the meaning of their use and their incorporation in ‘The Palace of Minos’. An examination based upon the study of architecture and architectural drawings in archaeology, as well as the history of archaeological research, proposes that ‘The Palace of Minos’ contains a very characteristic, radical and exceptional assemblage of architectural drawings in terms of Aegean archaeology. Such special architectural drawings may derive from specific epistemological assumptions made by Evans in order to support his vision for Minoan Civilization. I will argue that Evans based his narrative for the Minoan Civilization not only upon the archaeological discourse, but also upon the archaeological image. More specifically, I will examine the way in which architectural drawings contributed to this direction.



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