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1 October 2018

Infrastrukturen früher griechischer Häfen und Landeplätze-maritime Handelsknotenpunkte auf den Kykladen, Kreta und Sizilien

Martina Seifert In M. Seifert & L. Ziemer (eds), 2015. North meets East 1. Aktuelle Forschungen zu antiken Häfen. Ein Workshop veranstaltet von Julia Daum und Martina Siefert an der Universität Hamburg vom siebten bis achten Februar 2014, Aachen: 1-30.

Conceiving of harbours as extensive accumulations of facilities and important nodes within a network of roads and waterways, communication, and trade this article deals with the question since when and under what circumstances early settlement communities developed artificial port facilities, landing places, or infrastructures supplying boats and vessels. The study will focus on examples from the Early Bronze Age Cyclades, Middle and Late Bronze Age Crete, and geometric-archaic Sicily which all were nodes of maritime trade and triggers for important supraregional cultural developments in the Mediterranean. It will be argued that within the chosen examples the first port structures appeared in the Minoan area during the 14th century BCE, about at the same time as at Phoenician places at the Levant and on Cyprus. Harbour facilities have also been characteristic features of archaic settlements and poleis at the coast whilst on the early Cyclades natural landing places seem to have sufficed.


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