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1 November 2018

Insediamenti dell’ Età del Bronzo nella piana di Sparta. Prospettive di ricerca

Valleria Taglieri In F. Longo, R. di Cesare & S. Privitera (eds) 2016. ΔΡΟΜΟΙ. Studi sul mondo antico offerti a Emanuele Greco dagli allievi della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, Atene-Paestum: 61-72.

A thorough archeological account of pre-protohistoric Laconia is still lacking. Despite its geographic position and history, the area has received little attention from scholars. Although some noteworthy excavations have been conducted in the region, notably at Menelaion, Vaphio, Amyklai, Hag. Stephanos and Pelana, until recently none of the major Mycenaean sites has produced evidence for a central administrative/palatial function. Nowadays the situation has changed as a consequence of the discovery of Linear B clay tablets dated to the 14th century at Hag. Vasileios, located in the Eurotas Valley. The site can be regarded as a palatial settlement and adds significant information to our understanding of the history of Mycenaean Laconia and of the Mycenaean mainland as a whole.

The aims of this paper is: (A) to provide a general overview of Bronze Age evidence from excavations and surveys in the Spartan plain and (B) to offer some preliminary considerations on Late Bronze Age settlement patterns.


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