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4 January 2016

Iron Age cemetery at the Panagitsa-Xervi of Edessa (in Greek)

Αναστασία Χρυσοστόμου In P. Adam-Veleni & K. Tzanavari (eds), Δινήεσσα: τιμητικός τόμος για την Κατερίνα Ρωμιοπούλου (Thessaloniki 2012): 81-90


In 2005, it became possible to undertake rescue excavation of 13 tombs within the Iron Age Cemetery, at the border of the Panagitsa-Zervi farms in the Municipality of Edessa, Regional Unity of Pella. The location of the cemetery was known since 1993; the associated ancient settlement was identified a year earlier and is located to the east, at the hill of the current Panagitsa cemetery. The findings from these 13 tombs are the first, concrete excavation findings and are of particular importance given the severe damage already inflicted to the cemetery by the quarries at its southern parts and by the continuous activities of illicit antiquity dealers. The Panagitsa-Zervi cemetery is part of a series of Iron Age cemeteries along the circumference of the Begoritida Lake: at Amissa and Panagitsa-Zervi in Pella, at St Panteleimona-Patele and Begora in Florina and at Faraggi in Kozani. This clearly highlights the significance of the lake during the Iron Age period and provides evidence for roads that either bypassed or crossed it along the route from Eordaia to Lygkistida.


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