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1 May 2020

L’esplorazione dell’isola di Gavdos di Antonio Maria Colini e Doro Levi (agosto 1925)

Giacomo Fadelli Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente 97 (2019): 349-382

In August 1925, the antiquities of the island of Gavdos were for the first time systematically examined by the archaeologists Antonio Maria Colini and Doro Levi. The exploration, promoted by the Italian Mission in Crete and the Italian Archaeological School at Athens, laid the foundations for the archaeological knowledge of the island. The paper presents the unpublished notes compiled daily by Colini during the expedition with the aim of recomposing a piece of the history of Italian investigations in Greece and to offer a useful tool for the archaeological research in Gavdos.


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