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1 January 2010

La ceramica fine del MM IIA di Festòs (The ceramic phase of MM IIA at Phaistos)

Ilaria Caloi Annuario della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene 2007 [2009]: 303-330.


The aim of this article is the presentation of the MM IIA ceramic phase of Protopalatial Phaistos. Since 1994, V. La Rosa and F. Carinci have been directing a new programme of excava­tions and revision of 1950-1966 Levi’s work at Phaistos, with support from the Italian Archaeological School in Athens. Within this project, the author’s work has focused on the re-study of Levi’s excavations of the quarter West to the West Court (Piazzale I) of the Phaistos Palace (rooms C, CI, CIII, ICα and ICβ). The analyti­cal study of contextual data and MM IB-MM II ceramics retrieved from this quarter has been the starting point for attempting a new defini­tion of the MM IIA ceramic phase at Phaistos. In fact, this work has allowed the author to identify some levels (the uppermost fill levels) contain­ing pottery easily comparable with that retrieved from MM IIA levels at Knossos. Phaistian MM IIA is characterized by the wide­spread use of the potter’s wheel for small vases, as at Kommos, Knossos and Archanes, and by the appearance of new variants of pre­vious forms and of new wares. The definition of the ceramic phase of MM IIA at Phaistos is remarkable because it also means that all the Phaistian deposits which were previously dated to a transitional phase between the MM IB and MM II phases, can now be re-dated to MM IIA. The uppermost fill levels from the rooms of the quarter West to the West Court, the floor-deposit of room β at Haghia Photeini, as well as the deposits found beneath the slab floor of rooms CVI and CVII on the southern slopes of the Acropoli Mediana, are MM IIA ceramic deposits.


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