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16 January 2016

Ladles and spoons from the neolithic settlement at Thermi, Central Macedonia (in Greek)

Μαρία Παππά In P. Adam-Veleni & K. Tzanavari (eds), Δινήεσσα: τιμητικός τόμος για την Κατερίνα Ρωμιοπούλου (Thessaloniki 2012): 25-33


The excavation of the Neolithic settlement at Thermi provided a large number of ladles (36) and spoons (7), deriving mainly from the outer area of the habitation area, where extended pits are situated. The ladles vary in size, but in general do not have great differences in manufacturing. They resemble ladles found all over the Balkans and Asia Minor, as also the spoons. While the spoons are regarded to be used during food consumption, it is claimed that ladles, could also be involved in the stage of preparing the food, as cups. This assumption is based on two factors; their considerable size and the traces of firing, mainly on their outer side. The majority of the objects were found outside habitation area, in places interpreted as communal spaces, where no cooking facilities were found in situ. Their context contained large amounts of pottery and a variety of other finds related to the consumption of food, “spit-supports” being among them. The presence of such finds in communal areas, suggests that, either food was prepared near the houses and was consumed in a different place, or, that all garbage related to food preparation and consumption was discarded in these areas. In each case it is assumed that use and discard were both considered in a communal level, reflecting the emphasis on collective solidarity of the Neolithic society.



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