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1 May 2018

Late Helladic and later reuse phases of Kastrouli settlement (Greece): Preliminary dating results

I. Liritzis, Z. Jin, A. Fan, A. Sideris & A. Drivaliari Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry 16.3 (2016): 245-250

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A first attempt to date the Kastrouli settlement at Desfina (Delphi Phokis) has been made by optical luminescence dating (OSL) on three ceramic and radiocarbon (C-14) of one bone sample. An initial archaeological reconnaissance of the partially looted site has produced some indication of use during late Helladic and later periods. Our four ages by luminescence and C-14 have shown that this site was used initially in Late Helladic period, and reused during the Middle Geometric, the Early Archaic and the Classical periods.


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