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28 November 2011

Lineare B ki-ta-no e l΄industria tessile a Knossos in età micenea

Santo Privitera Creta Antica 11 (2010): 147-157


The interpretation of the Linear B term ki-ta-no, which is uniquely attested in the tablets belonging to the set Ga(5) at Knossos, has been much debated since the decipher­ment of Linear B and is still contentious. In this paper, the texts registering this term are analyzed anew and their major peculiarities are highlighted. Moreover, drawing on former studies by E. Foster and on a comparative analysis of the Linear B texts from Pylos refer­ring to linen textiles and the SA commodity, a new interpretation is put forward, accord­ing to which ki-ta-no would represent the Mycenaean adaptation of the Minoan term tor flax, possibly attested on a Linear A inscription incised on a pithos from Petras Sitias. If accepted, this identification would imply that flax bundles were measured by volume in litres at both Knossos and Pylos, rather than being weighed, as was formerly believed.

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