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28 May 2011

Memories of Myrtos

Elizabeth Warren Aegean Archaeology 9, 2007-2008 [2011]: 121-133.


Recently Krzysztof Nowicki, a colleague taking part in an archaeological excavation at Karphi in the mountains of Crete in 2008 directed by his wife, Saro Wallace, made some remarks in an email to my husband, Peter Warren, on running an excavation in Crete. He supposed that things must have been very different in the sixties and early seventies, on sites like one my husband excavated on the south coast of Crete at Myrtos, or in the White Mountains at Debla. As Peter and I recalled those days, I thought it might be of interest to record the conditions on a dig only a generation or so ago while I still remember some details. This account is therefore not so much about archaeology as the logistics and daily life on a dig and my experiences in trying to make things, if not comfortable, at least bearable.

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