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6 May 2015

Metallurgical remains from regional surveys of “non-industrial” landscapes: The case of the Kythera Island Project

Myrto Georgakopoulou Journal of Field Archaeology 39:1 (February 2014), 67-83


This paper explores the potential of studying metallurgical remains recovered during regional surveys in the reconstruction of past metallurgical practices across a given landscape, using as a case study the relevant finds from the Kythera Island Project. The methodology developed includes macroscopic examination of all finds, evaluation of spatial distribution patterns, an assessment of local and regional ore resources, and microscopic and chemical analyses of selected samples. The study suggests that during the Classical period both small scale iron smelting and smithing were taking place in the surveyed Kythera landscape. The picture is less clear for other historical periods. Prehistoric metallurgical finds on the other hand are meager to nonexistent; a picture partly attributable to the scarcity of finds left behind by secondary non-ferrous metalworking.



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