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6 May 2013

Modelling long-term social change in the landscape: case studies from Greece

John Bintliff in Georg Kalaitzoglou & Gundula Lüdorf (eds), 2013. PETASOS, Festschrift für Hans Lohmann (Padeborn: Wilhelm Fink & Ferdinand Schöningh): 111-118.

From the introduction

Hans Lohmann has been an immense inspiration for everyone who wishes to reconstruct the ancient landscapes of Greece and Turkey, with his pioneering explorations of rural Attica and the country hinterland of ancient Miletus. This paper in his honour will present a number of models for the relationship between long-term social changes and their mapping onto the landscape in the form of highly variable patterns in the size, function and distribution of settlement forms. The case-studies will be drawn from the Southern Mainland Greek landscape over a time range from the Early Neolithic  to the Post-Medieval era.

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