Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


4 May 2016

New archaeological sites and find on Zakynthos

Gert Jan Van Wijngaarden, Georgia Kourtessi-Philippakis & Nienke Pieters Pharos 19 (2013): 127-159


The archaeology on Zakynthos is less well-known than that on the other Ionian islands. Partly, this is the result of a lack of archaeological research and partly because the archaeological record on the island shows a high degree of destruction and fragmentation. Since 2006, the participants of the Zakynthos Archaeology Project, which is aimed specifically to deal with such a difficult archaeological landscape, have been applying a range of interrelated methodologies to investigate the archaeology of the island. It has become clear that Zakynthos has known human activities and habitation from early prehistory to the present day. The archaeological record, albeit fragmented, is particularly rich for the Palaeolithic, the Late Bronze Age and the Hellenistic-Roman periods. The project of landscape archaeology presented here, begins to reveal the significance of the archaeology at Zakynthos.



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