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12 December 2010

New bifaces from the Palaeolithic site of Kokkinopilos, Greece and their stratigraphic significance

Evangelos Tourloukis Antiquity 83 (June 2009): online article.

Abstract (from the Introduction)

Lower Palaeolithic lithic evidence in Greece, in contrast to the rich evidence from the rest of the Mediterranean, is scarce and mostly consists of surface finds, with relative dates based on inferred archaic morphology and without adequate stratigraphic correlations. For Greece, documentation of stratified lithics is essentially restricted to the sites of Kokkinopilos and Rodia. Kokkinopilos is a site of terra rossa deposits which have yielded thousands of Middle and Upper Palaeolithic artefacts. Since its discovery by E. Higgs in the 1960s, the site has played a central role in the discussion of the chronological and depositional relationship between artefacts and sediments at all red-bed sites of Epirus.

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