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16 September 2013

New evidence on the beginning of farming in Greece: the Early Neolithic settlement of Mavropigi in western Macedonia (Greece)

G. Karamitrou-Mentessidi, N. Efstratiou, J.K. Kozłowski, M. Kaczanowska, Y. Maniatis, A. Curci, S. Michalopoulou, A. Papathanasiou & S.M. Valamoti Antiquity 87:336 (June 2013): Project Gallery.

From the introduction

The fertile plains of central and western Macedonia are of key importance for early Greek prehistory, and Nea Nikomedeia, dated to the end of the seventh millennium BC, has long been considered one of the earliest farming settlements in Europe. In recent years, surveys carried out along the periodically exposed shores of the artificial lake of Polyphitos, and rescue excavations imposed by large-scale public works in the region, have revealed over 30 Early Neolithic sites. They offer a welcome opportunity to examine the material remains, cultural preferences and origins of early farming groups moving from the south-east into Europe.

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