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1 December 2018

Παράκτιο παλίμψηστο: Παράδειγμα από το έργο του Πανεπιστημίου Πελοποννήσου στη νήσο Κεφαλληνία

Evyenia Yiannouli In A. G. Simosi (ed.) 2018. Βουτιά στα Περασμένα. Η Υποβρύχια Αρχαιολογική Έρευνα, 1976-2014, Athens: 351-368.

“Archaeological Shoreline Research” (A.Sho.Re.) is an interdisciplinary Research Project of the University of the Peloponnese conducted in collaboration with the N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. It explores the historical significance of the Coastal Zone through an extensive and systematic Geo-Archaeological Reconnaissance of SE Kephallenia, the Ionian Sea. Although palaeogeographic processes and the nexus between nature and culture are major fields of interest, our field-work indicates that it is important for interdisciplinary method to focus on the narrowly local scale of investigation. A systematic and extensive research platform that registers different types of data in the different scales of geology and history sets an example of applied research designed to this end. Coastal stratigraphy of a select stretch is thus presented, along with the emerging questions and problems, including the difficulties encountered in assessing the hard facts of archaeology in the fluid maritime context. The systematic geo-archaeological documentation of the coastal zone in a scale pertinent to culture may lead to the recovery of “port stratigraphy”, even if its typical structures are not immediately accessible. The project is supported by the “Initiative for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage” and the Institute for Field Research.


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