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16 April 2020

Petroarchaeometric Data on Antiparos Obsidian (Greece) for Provenance Study by SEM-EDS and XRF

Pasquale Acquafredda, Francesca Micheletti, Italo Maria Muntoni, Mauro Pallara & Robert H. Tykot Open Archaeology 5 (2019): 18-30

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The island of Antiparos belongs to the Aegean volcanic arc. The obsidian outcrops here contain pieces of excellent tool-making quality, but of small size making the raw material less attractive. Geological samples collected at Soros beach, at Blaco and Mastichi, in the southern part of the island, were analysed using Optical Microscopy, XRF (whole rock) and SEM-EDS (glass and microliths-microphenocrysts). The results obtained demonstrate the potential for distinguishing the Antiparos obsidian from other major central-western Mediterranean sources in an absolutely non-destructive way, using an XRF spectrometer or alternatively with an SEM equipped with an ED spectrometer.


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