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8 November 2016

Productions et styles régionaux dans l’artisanat céramique de Chypre à l’époque géométrique (XIe-VIIIe s. av. J.-C.)

Anna Georgiadou Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 138.1 (2014): 361-385


The present article discusses the issue of regional pottery workshops in Cyprus during the Geometric period. The detailed analysis of the pottery, which constitutes the principal record for this period, reveals new prospects for the study of the Cypro-Geometric horizon. On the basis of a sound methodology, the identification and definition of the regional character of the pottery production enables us to approach the specific and distinct modes of development of the different regions of the island. In the absence of written sources for the Cypro-Geometric period, such an approach is apt to elucidate the process of the formation of the Cypriot kingdoms of the first millennium BC.


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