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1 November 2018

Ristrutturando il Primo Palazzo di Festos. Materiali di scarto dallo scarico del Bastione II

Ilaria Caloi In F. Longo, R. di Cesare & S. Privitera (eds) 2016. ΔΡΟΜΟΙ. Studi sul mondo antico offerti a Emanuele Greco dagli allievi della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, Atene-Paestum: 425-436.

The dump of “Bastione II’’, found by Doro Levi during his 1950-1966 excavation of the Minoan site of Phaistos, is located on the northern edge of the Lower West Court of the First Palace, and is one of the most conspicuous deliberate fills of Protopalatial Phaistos. Recently studied and interpreted as a homogeneous deposit of MM IIA, it includes not only a large amount of pottery, but also many plaster fragments and other construction debris. The dump of Bastione II is therefore an important source of information about the materials and tools used for and resulting from construction work at the First Palace of Phaistos. The author argues that the debris from the dump of Bastione II comes from the renovation of the southwest building of the First Palace at Phaistos, attested in early MM II, most likely MM IIA.


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