Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


21 May 2011

Salvage Excavation in the Cave of Antiparos, Cyclades: Prehistoric Pottery and Miscellaneous Finds. A Preliminary Report

F. Mavridis Aegean Archaeology 9, 2007-2008 [2011]: 7-34.


This paper presents the results of a rescue excavation undertaken in the Cave of Antiparos in 2006 that anticipated construction works. This excavation marks the first step towards understanding the general history of the cave’ s use. Evidence for the prehistoric use of the cave was found in almost all of the trenches open under disturbed upper layers which contained pottery of the Archaic, Classical and later periods, and modern material. The Cave of Antiparos, only briefly explored, provides new evidence for the Late Neolithic I and II, and Early Bronze Age in the Cyclades. This material is comprehensively presented and discussed here in the context of other Cycladic sites of that period such as Saliagos, Akrotiri on Thera, Koukounaries on Paros and Zas Cave on Naxos.


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