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16 October 2013

The historic content of prehistory (in Greek)

Γιώργος Χ. Χουρμουζιάδης Ανάσκαμμα 6 (2013): 79-92.


The dominant view on Prehistory considers it to be a period of shortages and brutality. It also perceives prehistoric people as living in caves, wearing animal skins and not cutting their hair. As having their bats on their shoulders and, when hungry, devouring each other. Such a conception, of course, does not take into account that prehistoric man constructed the first houses on earth ever. He cultivated the earth. He domesticated animals. In other words, it was he who invented and built what actually supports people’s lives today. So, if we look carefully and correctly at the meaning of history and also study carefully the relationship between prehistoric man and his environment, then we can comprehend the prehistoric past and identify its historic content. Such an effort, of course, should not be influenced by the orientalistic perceptions that created the model of a civilized West vs. a barbaric East, thus proposing a new model, i.e. the civilized History vs. the barbaric Prehistory!

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