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11 May 2013

The lowest levels at Dikili Tash, northern Greece: a missing link in the Early Neolithic of Europe

Laurent Lespez, Zoï Tsirtsoni, Pascal Darcque, Haïdo Koukouli‑Chryssanthaki, Dimitra Malamidou, René Treuil, Robert Davidson, Georgia Kourtessi‑Philippakis & Christine Oberlin Antiquity 87:335 (March 2013): 30-45.


Tells famously capture the historical sequences of the earliest farmers—but digging them is not easy. With a depth of strata of 17m at Dikili Tash, the earliest occupation was out of reach of a trench. But our researchers got there by coring, extending the date of the first occupation back 1000 years, and deducing, from small samples, the changing environment and possible connections with Anatolia. 

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